Meghan's Journey

Meghan’s Introduction

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These are Meghan’s words from late in October of 2010.

             I never thought I would want to write a book, but now I do. I am fifteen years old, and I have cancer. I am currently experiencing my third battle.  My community has reached out to me to help me get through this.  Some people tell me my experience has helped others get through tough times. I thought if I just reached back to give something – if I wrote a book I might be able to help many more people.

            This all really hit me when I was sitting in English class last year – my freshman year of high school. When we were reading The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton and seeing how her book really kind of changed things – I figured I could do the same.  At this time my cancer had come back a second time.  It was funny how I just accepted it. I was still really angry and pissed off – but I accepted it and knew I had to do whatever I had to in order to get through it. One day I was just sitting there and the thought occurred to me – I should write a book.

            The support I got from my friends, family, school, and community was overwhelming.  People said I gave them inspiration. I was in awe of the idea that people thought of me as a hero and role model and the strongest person they ever met.  I thought to myself ,“how is this possible – I am fifteen.” I don’t know how to be somebody’s hero or anything like that. 

            For me – I really didn’t want to talk to anyone who was going through what I was going through. It seemed to me if I talked to other people who were suffering with cancer, it would make me face more of the reality and how much sickness there was. If I imagined it was just me, I didn’t have to look at he kids who were five years old, crying and screaming when they had to get their blood drawn; I could blank it all out. I didn’t want to believe that people had the same sadness as me – especially kids – I wanted to be positive. I saw a little boy running the halls of the hospital with his IV – that’s what I wanted to be – without a care in the world. 

            I am told that I could give someone else strength – someone who is going through a rough time – I don’t know. My parents tell me I am the rock in the family and hold everyone together.

           I don’t know what people think or what they take from me – as long as it is something good.

~                         ~                         ~                         ~

Meghan’s Journey is the incredible story of Meghan Redenbach, a fifteen-year-old who lost her battle with an aggressive and rare form of ovarian cancer in 2010. The book chronicles Meghan’s journey through her own words and the words of her parents, teachers and friends.

You might imagine the story about a fifteen-year-old girl dying of cancer would be considered a tragedy, but the word ‘tragedy’ is defined as having a sad ending with themes and circumstances concluding in a heartbreaking downfall. That is not to say that Meghan’s death was not sad or heartbreaking; it was unquestionably both. However, what came from her courage and strength in the face of death has been uplifting, inspiring, and healing – nothing that could be remotely close to being considered tragic.

The events of Meghan’s life have touched thousands of people; friends, families, sports teams and entire communities have all been changed by her story. Our mission with Meghan’s Journey is to have her story touch hundreds of thousands of lives from across the country and let her words of courage, strength and love be an inspiration for those currently battling cancer and the family and friends who have been affected by the disease. All proceeds of Meghan’s Journey will be donated to charity.

This book came about because Meghan decided she wanted to write a book; she was not able to complete it all the way, so we are going to finish it for her.